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The Completion and Handover Ceremony of the Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Center of the Mongolian National Maternal and Child Health Center, Built with the Assistance of the CFPD, Held in Mongolia Time:2023/08/14

On August 6, the completion and handover ceremony of the Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Center of the Mongolian National Maternal and Child Health Center, built with the assistance of the China Foundation for Peace and Development, was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Guo Yezhou, Deputy Minister of the IDCPC, Xu Jianguo, Secretary General of the Foundation, Zhang Muxing, Chinese Public Counselor to Mongolia, Enkhbold, Deputy Minister of Health of Mongolia, Ganbayar, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Mongolia, and Secretary General of the Mongolian"Khangarid Development Centre" NGO, Altantuya, President of the Mongolian National Maternal and Child Health Center, and others attended the ceremony. 

Guo Yezhou stated that the friendship between countries lies in mutual affinity between the people, and mutual affinity between the people lies in mutual understanding. The livelihood projects carried out by the CFPD in the fields of education, healthcare, and others in Mongolia closely link the friendly feelings of the people of China and Mongolia. The IDCPC will continue to support the Foundation in carrying out more livelihood projects in Mongolia. We also express our gratitude to the Mongolian Ministry of Education and Technology, the Ministry of Health, and the "Khangarid Development Centre" NGO for their support.

Enkhbold thanked the CPC and the Foundation for their sincere help, and said that the Children's Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Center handed over this time was the sixth children's medical project donated by the Foundation in Mongolia. The main buildings and supporting equipment donated by these projects provided effective and necessary help for children's medical treatment in resource scarce areas in Mongolia, which remarkably improved the medical conditions for local children.

Xu Jianguo and Altantuya delivered speeches successively, expressed that the CFPD is very willing to serve as ambassadors for the mutual understanding and trust between the people of China and Mongolia, and to build a "bridge of understanding" and "bridge of friendship" for mutual learning and trust between the two peoples. Through these livelihood projects of the Foundation, the Mongolian people can better feel the kindness and care from the Chinese people.

Subsequently, Guo Yezhou, Enkhbold, Xu Jianguo, and Ganbayar jointly unveiled the nameplates for the Center.

During his stay in Mongolia, Xu Jianguo also met with A. Ariunzaya, the Secretary General of the Mongolian People's Party, and Kh.Nyambaatar, the Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs of Mongolia, visited children's hospital project of the Second Central Hospital of Mongolia, and paid a field research to a potential site of a new hospital.