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Organization Structure

General Management Department


1、          Coordinating the internal work of CFPD;

2、          Draft writing annual work plan and summary;

3、          External liaison and publicity;

4、          Internal website maintenance and construction;

5、          Personnel management;

6、          Document and certificate management;

7、          Administrative logistics and other daily work;

8、          Other affairs assigned by leaders.


Project Management Department


1、          Planning and drafting the project plan and project implementation;

2、          Project inspection, project establishment and argumentation;

3、          Organizing the implementation of projects;

4、          Project management, supervision and inspection the implementation progress;

5、          Project completion and related file management;

6、          Other affairs assigned by leaders.


Fund Management Department


1、          Financial work;

2、          Preparing annual financial budget and final accounting;

3、          Raising funds, capital operation, maintaining and increasing the value of fund;

4、          Management and using of donated funds;

5、          Other affairs assigned by leaders.