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China Peace Development Foundationlaunched the "Silk Road Happiness" Special Fund in Beijing Time:2023/07/14


On June 21st, the China Peace Development Foundation and the Beijing Maderm Cultural Center jointly launched the "Silk Road Happiness" Special Fund in Beijing. Chinese representatives, including Assistant Minister Zhu Rui of the International Liaison Department, Secretary-General Xu Jianguo of the China Peace Development Foundation, legal representative of the Beijing Maderm Cultural Center, President of the Asia-Africa Women's Development and Rights Protection Promotion Association Zhao Meiling, and Chairman Han Jinming of Tianjin Hezhi Youde Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., as well as ambassadors from South Africa, Gabon, Panama, Uganda, and their respective diplomats, attended the ceremony. The Deputy Secretary-General of the China Peace Development Foundation, Liu Zhenzhong, presided over the ceremony.


In his speech, Assistant Minister Zhu Rui expressed that this year marks the tenth anniversary of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee Xi Jinping's proposal of jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative. In this regard, CFPDestablishing the "Silk Road Happiness" Special Fund is an important embodiment of the foundation's deep implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and its mission as a "messenger of people-to-people connectivity." He expressed the hope that people from all sectors of society, non-governmental organizations, and enterprises would actively respond to and greatly support the project of the "Silk Road Happiness" Special Fund, integrate advantageous resources from all parties, guide, encourage, and bring together more capable enterprises and other social forces to actively participate in public welfare initiatives in countries along the Belt and Road.They shall focus on the urgent needs of local people, and implement targeted public welfare projects to effectively promote people's well-being. He also hoped that other social organizations and companies would join hands with the ambassadors stationed in China in promoting people's well-being cooperation and practice the global civilization initiative. This way they can make greater contributions to enhance the mutual understanding among nations and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.


Ambassador Xie Shengwen expressed in his speech that since the establishment of diplomatic relations 25 years ago, the friendly relationship between South Africa and China has been continually deepened. Under the framework of a comprehensive strategic partnership, the two countries have become good friends and brothers who stand by each other. The leaders of the two countries have insisted on focusing on people’s need and continuously transforming political consensus into practical cooperation. The establishment of the "Silk Road Happiness" Special Fund is a vivid testament to the deepening friendship between the two countries. He quoted Nelson Mandela's saying to express that caring for vulnerable groups like women and children is a shared responsibility of all mankind. Relevant institutions will strive to provide assistance and support for women and children in African countries, including South Africa.


Xu Jianguo, Zhao Meiling, and Han Jinming delivered speeches to express that CFPD will work together with all sectors of society to build a bridge of friendship, a bridge of people’s need, a bridge of hope through the "Silk Road Happiness" Special Fund.


Subsequently, under the witness of Assistant Minister Zhu Rui and multiple foreign envoys, Xu Jianguo and Zhao Meiling jointly unveiled CfPD's "Silk Road Happiness" Special Fund.


The "Silk Road Happiness" Special Fund of the China Peace Development Foundation is established to promote practical cooperation in various fields between China and countries along the Belt and Road, and to facilitate people-to-people connectivity. It aims to provide a platform for friendly exchanges among individuals from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of public welfare. The initial funding for the fund is 5 million yuan, dedicated to implementing international charitable projects and cultural exchange activities related to women and children.