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Chairman Gao Yunlong Attended the "2021 Asian Youth Leaders Forum" Time:2021/12/10

From November 27 to 29, the China foundation for Peace and Development, the China Public Diplomacy Association, the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government and the Asian Youth Leaders' Federation jointly hosted the "2021 Asian Youth Leaders' Forum" in Nansha District, Guangzhou. Gao Yunlong, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Chairman of the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of the CFPD attended the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered a speech.

Gao Yunlong said that Asian youth have ideals and responsibilities, and they are the most positive and dynamic driving force to promote national and national development and will become an important force in maintaining peace and development on the world stage. Groups of young Asian leaders have led the trend of the times and made positive contributions to the development of the world, Asia and other countries. Gao Yunlong stressed, in the face of the great changes not seen in a century and the superposition of epidemic situations in the century, Asian youth representatives should bravely shoulder the responsibility of the times, lead the majority of Asian youth to strengthen their confidence in moving forward, set great aspirations, become great talents, shoulder great responsibilities, and create new opportunities in Asia with their youth and sweat. Gao Yunlong put forward five expectations on giving full play to the strength of young people in Asian countries and promoting the construction of an Asian community with a shared future: First, adhere to openness and cooperation and be a promoter of common prosperity in Asia; Second, deepen exchanges and mutual learning and become a connector for the exchange of world civilizations; Third, be committed to pioneering and innovation and become a leader in promoting the development of Asia; Fourth, practice green development and be a pioneer in clean and beautiful Asia; Fifth, enhance the sense of responsibility and be a practitioner of improving the well-being of the Asian people.

Xu Jianguo, Secretary General of the CFPD, said at the closing ceremony of the forum, the “Asian Youth Leaders Forum” has made a good start, we believe that with the joint efforts of all participants, the forum will be stable and far-reaching. The future forum should adhere to the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind and lead Asian youth to carry forward the spirit of peace, development, fairness and justice; Adhere to walking with the times, promote mutual learning and mutual learning among Asian youth, and cultivate the ideological foundation of openness, inclusiveness, innovation and mutually beneficial cooperation; Adhere to common development, help Asian youth participate in global development initiatives, and better realize their all-round development in this process.

Wu Hailong, President of the China Association for Public Diplomacy, Ye Zhenqin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Arroyo, former Philippine President, Ban Ki-Moon, former United Nations Secretary General, IZO JinYi, former Japanese Finance Minister and Administrative Officer, Sarah Duterte, Mayor of Davao, Philippines, Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of IFLYTEK Co., Ltd., Yu Dong, Chairman of Bona Film, and other Chinese and foreign representatives delivered keynote speeches on the spot or online.

Nearly 300 young Asian leaders were invited to the forum in a combination of online and offline, aimed at promoting exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Asian youth, to promote the common one among the "Belt and Road" countries, and to create a circle of young leaders in Asia, and contribute to the building of the community of human destiny, and let more international investors understand China's reform and opening up and economic development, and help the economic construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area. Young guests from Asian countries participated in the meeting exchanged views on the theme of "Committed to openness and innovation, Gathering youth strength and Building a new future for Asia", shared insights and put forward innovative and practical action plans.

The forum held 20 events, released the "2021 Asian Youth Development Initiative", promoted the establishment of the "Asian Emerging Industry Investment Fund" and the "Asian Children" special fund, launched the "Asian Youth Leader Training Plan" and the "Coordinated Development Plan of the Asian Chamber of Commerce", and planted the "Asian Youth Friendship Forest".