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Secretary General Xu Jianguo Attended the Unveiling Ceremony of "Silk Road Golden Bridge" to help "Understanding China" Time:2021/12/10


    On December 1st, "Silk Road Golden Bridge "of “Belt and Road” the great theme art landscape, was invited to help the opening of the 2021 International Conference on “Understanding China” in Guangzhou, Haixinsha. Xu Jianguo, Secretary General of CFPD, Wang Xiaoming, Vice President of National Innovation and Development Strategy Research Association, Deng Hong, Information Office of Guangdong Provincial People's government, Liu Jianneng, Deputy Director of Information Office of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, and Shu Yong, author of "Silk Road Golden bridge", attended the event and delivered speeches.

     Secretary General Xu Jianguo said in speech that the "Silk Road Golden Bridge" started from Guangzhou in 2014, it has gone through "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum two times and a series of major political activities. It has become that embodies the idea of "Belt and Road" and the symbol of the community of human destiny, and has been highly recognized and widely praised at home and abroad. The "Silk Road Golden Bridge" landed in the beautiful city Yangcheng, which is the first stop of the "Silk Road Golden Bridge" global tour, and believe it will add luster to the 2021 "Understanding China" International Conference.

     "Silk Road Golden Bridge" is a large-scale one with the theme of "Belt and Road" by Shu Yong, a famous artist, and is made of 20 thousand bricks of the “Great Wall” brick, and all the national flowers of the world are made of silk, which symbolizes the development of a bridge of peace in the world.